Thursday, December 31, 2009

Home. Found what my sister's buried letter was pointing to.
Lead to a piece of notebook paper taped to the bottom of the 4th dresser drawer.
Letter instructed me to look for a file on my computer.
Found the file. Can't open it. Needs a password
Will post the letter and file later.

Massive headache again. Phone works but having signal issues.
Jeff got ahold of me. Says he's staying in Ocala with his grandmother until this shit gets cleared up.
Got asked by the cops earlier about the gun shots in the park and trail of mud leading to my truck...someone gave them pictures supposedly...

Called in to work today, said I wasn't going to be able to come in. When they asked why, I told them I had gotten jumped yesterday and was pretty messed up. Manager said I can have today off but tomorow I'll need to come in early to make up for it.

my sister's paper makes me a little uneasy... the sketch on the back... just....just wow.

he's here... he's watching. He's come and gone through out the day. think he's fucking with me...
he knows I know...


  1. You've survived. That's the important thing.

    Watch out for your health. There are several who would claim that he can have an adverse effect on it.

  2. Beware if you start coughing is the key, I'm given to understand.

    I'm glad Jeff is OK. Getting a little worried there.

  3. just 'got up'... readig yuor comments is unsetteling. developed bad cough.. losing track of time.. unable to find things.

    Promise ill have information found posted up by this time tomorrow.. just can't do it now.. head is pounding too bad.. can't shrug off that feeling of being watched....

    think hes herre

  4. why isnt christina posting anymore?