Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Remember to click for full size...

Pictures from in the park are NOT in any particular order. Putting them in the order I uploaded them..There's a strange one, too. Only one that generated a thumbnail...the thumbnail is different from the original...maybe a glitch....Also.. those shoe prints in the second pic look odd to tennis shoes or boots..they look more dress like..

About the jar and it's hole. Billy said that 1. The pics of the jar resting in the hole are just the top part of the hole, that it went down and then in at an angle, which he had to pull the jar up and through. 2. He said the thing was covered in dirt and that he used a bandanna to wipe most of it off before taking the pictures.

Some look distorted around the ground. Seems he was running. He doesn't remember running with the phone in his hand.


  1. [[Out of Game comment...
    Ok. So, someone just emailed me, pointing out the 'S' like object in the water on the Silver Lake picture, asking if I was adding it as an MH easter egg. I in NO WAY edited that picture. I swear to god and all things holy. I looked at it, and it sent shivers down my spine. What a damn creepy coincidence. Any way, sorry to break the 4th wall. Just thought I should point it out here ahead of time. Ciao]]

  2. OMG! That smaller grainy one has 'HIM' in it. I knew you shouldn't have gone there, I just knew it.

  3. He's only got two arms. Looks like you may be in luck.

  4. This isn't really on the subject of this post, but I don't know if people are going back to look at comments on older posts...

    Is it confirmed that "smile.jpg" is NOT referring to the picture of the grinning dog in ANY way?

  5. No grinning dogs. The only file on her computer with the name 'smile.jpg' (as according to the windows search feature) was that singular picture. There were quite a few gif and png images, but only that one.

  6. It's weird that it has the same name as that one creepypasta, though.