Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Reading the comments you guys left, we tried to find that 'emotes' folder.
It wasn't there.
Billy remembered that this doesn't mean anything, though and that he hides folders all the time, to keep things private. I was like "haha, like your porn?" but just got a pissed look in response. He's reading me type this now and poked me in the side for it. Hahaha

Any way. We found this 'smile.jpg' image. There were a bunch of little animated smiley faces and stuff for MSN and AIM, but one image that stood out. Put it on a jump-drive and uploaded it on my computer so I could get it on here, because we can't find anything special about this pic. The only thing that jumps out is the crossed out circle that keeps coming up.

Which reminds me, last night, I had that dream again. It's starting to bother me...

Here's the pic :

In the folder, there was a text file named READ.txt that says "The WAY shows the TRUTH."
Not sure what that means.


  1. Oh, the reason it took so long to post this up.. We had wifi issues for a bit. Neighbors had it too, though. Don't think it was 'him', just Comcast sucking as always.

  2. Maybe the code 'the way' in the page was a password to desteg the image (if it's destegable?)

  3. Some image files have other files hidden inside of them, is what he means.

    I know it's possible, but that's /all/ I know on the subject. I'm no decker.

  4. Chummer, I can't run the programs that we'd need anyway. I might be able to borrow a rig that does, but it probably won't be for a few hours; we'll see.

  5. classicsdoll, have you been playing Shadowrun lately?

    Anyways, Christina, I'm really unsure, are there any other weird folders/files on the computer? When I don't want people to find some of my files I either set the folder it's in as hidden, put it somewhere where nobody would ever look (A folder titled "games" for example) or I put it on my thumb drive.
    Remember, check EVERYWHERE

    Stay Safe, watch your back
    - Lifegospel

  6. The file has a simple camo on it.

    The password has been in plain sight for a while now.

    Either Billy's sister was great at hiding stuff in plain sight, or we're all dense.

    'x2 shows the way'
    'smile.jpg shows the truth'
    'The WAY shows The TRUTH'

    I can't believe it too me so long to piece it together.

    The 'WAY' was the four bits on that third paper. As the folded image showed. x2 would mean use that twice. Running that code through twice in exactly the same way you get it gives you 'rm orm o' - You now have the 'way'

    The TRUTH. Smile.jpg shows the truth? Rather Smile.jpg HIDES the truth.

    That whole thing about the 'tape' on the page was a further allusion to something hiding under something. The word 'hide' is shown like what? 2-4 times in the papers?

    The way shows the truth shows that the hex is the password to the hidden file. Once open, the hidden file is a text document that is nothing but binary. I'm emailing that to Christina now, so she can put it on the main page.