Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What went down.

Ok, so I'm alive. Don't know how, considering how they found me, but I am.
Still have a splitting migraine, and my phone refuses to work.. All my old messages are scrambled, most of my pictures are black, can't call out.. but, I'll get to that in a moment. I said I would post when I felt better (or rather I had Christina say so.) and that's what I'll do, before I get some more rest.

At 9:00 EST, I had finally gotten Jeff out of bed and ready to go. We were going to take two different vehicles there - my truck and his Kia. We figured that if something happened, that way one of us could go for help. What's a truck with out keys? I don't think the Slender Man is just going to reach in to my pocket and toss them out to him. ANY WAY.

We got to the park at 9:15 or so. There was one other truck there, and it was leaving when we got there. One of the neighbors - think her name is Sally. She walks her dog around the path that borders Silver Lake, but never enters the 'nature trail' area. Says her dog is spooked easily out there. Well, she waved at us as she was leaving, we waved back. She was the only person there when we got there, and from what I know - the only person there at all during the time I was.

Jeff and I set up a plan for when we were in there. He would back his car in as close as possible(There's wooden pole things to stop cars from getting in.) and leave the door unlocked. I was to go in first, and he would follow behind. And that's what we did. We both kept watch, checking all around us, also looking for anything that would give my sister's spot away. The pavilion in the pictures was where we got the first 'hint'. Her little symbol thing was carved in to one of the support beams, and colored in with red sharpie. An arrow pointed east, further in to the trail.

Jeff took this time to make sure his gun was loaded and ready to go. I got my knife at the ready, just incase.

about ten minutes or so of walking, we come across a rock with an arrow drawn on it, so we follow it's direction - north.

Wasn't long after that when Jeff found the log. Jeff may be a great friend and all, but, he's a clumsy motherfucker. Tripped over his own damn feet and landed on the ground on his chest. If it wasn't for that, we would have missed the log. He noticed the symbol on it and we searched around the area. The ground was covered with that stringy looking shit (long pine needles?) but, we could see a 'pattern' under them. There was a circle of rocks under them. That was where we dug.

Ended up leaving my little shovel thing in the truck, so I had to use my knife to dig out the hole. The jar was about down to my wrist level and tilted in to a chamber in the hole - not sure if we dug in the wrong spot, or if that was intentional.

So, as on the way up, we start taking pictures. Jeff was like "What's that over there in the trees?" and I thought he was fucking with me, so I'm like "What? Bigfoot?" and he just shrugs it off and says "Probably just paranoid. All this shit's got me tense." So, I take a few shots - one of which sends my phone's camera in to a shit storm of glitchyness. Finally get it fixed and start heading out. All of a sudden, I hear Jeff yelling "SHIT SHIT SHIT!", and the sound of three gun shots. He goes running, I turn to see what he was trippin out over, and just see something large and black, like four or five tree limbs all at once, shooting at me. I can only guess what it was...

So, that was around maybe 10:30-45 at the latest. I don't remember much of anything after that. I remember something that sounded like a child laughing, but, much much more raspy. Like, if you took Marge Simpson's sisters voices, made them laugh like a happy baby, and stuck it to a thing with out a body... I remember that sound and running. I never knew the park was that big... Or...was I even still there? I think I snapped a few pictures, but shoved my phone back in my pocket and kept running. Then it all went black.

When I came too, Christina and Jeff were over me looking like they had just witnessed a murder, I felt like I just binge drank for a month and had the hang-overs held off for one large 'gift' at the end, and I felt nasty..

Well, come to find out, I was covered in mud, found resting against the side of my truck. My knife was gone, my wallet was gone, all the change I had in my pockets was gone, I had a 'good luck charm' I got from my sister for my birthday when I was 10 - gone. Don't know what that was all about...

I got to Christina's at like 1:30 or so. Passed out on her bed. Think she said she told her dad I got mugged or something. He's cool with me staying - says that it's keeping her from locking her self away until school starts, which she does each year supposedly.

I went home around 3 to get a shower and some new clothes. Could swear I saw 'him' a few times on the way. Had no phone reception, my radio was picking up pure static, and the traffic lights were totally dead. Seemed like I was the only one on the road, too. Noticed shit on my phone wasn't right, too. Jumbled messages, missing pictures, ect.

Got home, got my shit together and got cleaned up, came back here where I proceeded to pass out again. Super bad headache. Christina says she had a horrible one too, and could swear she saw 'him'.

I woke up around six, and went over to her Neighbor, Joe, and asked him some stuff. Said I found a news paper article (one of you guys left one.) about some animal killings, and wanted to know if he was that same Joe. Come to find out, he is. People said that 'he' only sees you if he's after you. I would think the people cleaning up the messes he leaves might be considered targets too. He thinks the killer is fucking with him too - that cat Christina mentioned before... he said he tried to keep it quiet because he didn't want any drama, but, same style killing... Head penetrated with a thick, round cylindrical-spike, skinned, organs removed, and then placed back in the body in plastic bags...

I think I know what my sister's message means, by the way.
When she...passed... We had all the stuff like her stuffed animals (yes, even at her age, she had 'em.), her computer stuff, all her posters and personal stuff... we had it all put in storage, but we use her room as a guest bedroom now. That's why her bed and stuff were still in there. I assume by her little message, she's referring to her dresser.

I'll check that tomorrow. For now, I'm going back to sleep. I'm over at Christina's as I might have already said. I don't know how safe it is here, but after today, I don't want to leave her side. If she's a target as I am....well... I'm not going to lose another person I care about to this monster.


  1. I told you, I told you. I said get out of there if you hear child laughter, if fog rolls in, or if your phone glitches out.

    That is really scary.

  2. could the jumbled messages on your phone possibly contain any code, hidden messages, etc?

  3. What does Jeff say happened? Did he see Slendy - and more importantly, did the bullets seem to have any effect (if they hit at all)?

  4. All jeff said was "Some spider looking motherfucker in a suit was running at us. I shot it, but it kept coming, so I got the fuck out to get help."

    Haven't heard from him since. He won't pick up his phone, he's not at home, and his car is gone. I assume he got out of town.

  5. ...And my post ate itself. Rage. Fury. Etc.

    As I said before, but never had a chance to post, you're very fortunate. Keep an eye on the news for Jeff, though. Or, rather, his automobile. We know our 'spider-looking motherfucker' can easily keep pace with modern vehicles, he just chooses not to. If there is an abandoned Kia on the interstate, well.If he's this active, things will only get worse, rapidly. He's trying to clean up his mess, it seems.

    Now, this may seem cruel of me to ask of you, but try to make your way to some occult or religious stores and pick up various charms and symbols. I have a theory, that these objects may have a slight chance of warding him off. (Okay, so I'm mainly considering the Elder Sign, but if others have the same effect... Well, it would be good to add to my notes.) I'd say the Operator symbol, the circle with an x, but I'm not sure if that wards him off or /summons/ him. You'll understand if I don't ask you to try THAT one.

    If the worst comes to pass, and I hope it doesn't, you need to start taking notes so that someone can finish what you started. Keep multiple copies, electronic and paper, and keep them in different locations, he's been known to set buildings ablaze. But, for God's sake, don't go the cryptic route.

  6. @Happy: If we're slipping into this territory, these things (excepting possibly the elder sign, and for that to be effective I believe there has to be a sacrifice made - not to mention you'd need multiple copies even to guard a room. If it is effective, it might be useful in trapping Him somewhere though...) often need true belief to back them up, if they work at all. It could be worth trying, but I wouldn't put any faith in them, so to speak.
    I'm fairly sure the operator symbol is simply a symbol of him - it looks like a 'no face' symbol. I'm more worried about the idea that the more you think of him, the quicker he comes - I think documenting and reading this stuff at all is dangerous.
    I hope Jeff is OK; to be honest, that sounds a little worrying - I'd agree with Happy's diagnosis that he may well be in some sort of danger, but I can't see how you'd get in contact to warn him... if it's not too late already.

  7. It's entirely possible that you're right about the symbol. I've just seen too many of them scattered about these kinds of incidents for my comfort.

    As for the Elder Signs, just one can protect you from harm, or so the stories claim. And I've never heard of them needing a sacrifice for them, but I could just be misremembering things.

    It's often been said that knowledge is power. It never says who gains the power.

  8. Not a literal 5cc mouse blood sacrifice, but from one of the few texts I have access to, the person who makes the sign must sacrifice *something*, or it is meaningless. But I could be wrong - there are so many conflicting stories, and I would prefer to keep away from situations where I'd actually need to put one into use. Situations, possibly, like these.

  9. I guess it depends on who you feel is more accurate. Really, though, the only Elder Sign that you can probably get a medallion of is Derleth's, which might indeed require some form of sacrifice. But I've never heard anything like that.

    Then again, with so many different writings, it is indeed possible to tell. Some of them hint that it's even a hand gesture.

  10. A hand gesture? Oh, I think I know the source you're referring to - but the problem is how the hand gesture is made; I don't think anyone has the time to try three or four different ways on friend slendy.
    With regards to the sign, try Clithanus if you can get hold of a copy (I believe there is a copy in latin in the British Library, but I don't think it's ever been published in translation). He does have a passage that may be of some use - crossreference with St Augustine - in which he details the ritual performed to create a 'star stone'. But again, he isn't the most useful of sources in many respects.

  11. Let's try to keep this within the realm of reality, here. No offense to Billy and Christine, but I don't think it would be possible for one of them to fly up to London from Florida (the air fare alone would be prohibitive) and get the British Library to allow them to lay hands on that particular tome.

    And also, again with all due respect to the two, anything as occult as that is probably out of their means, knowledge, and willingness to do.

  12. You're right, I'm sorry; I got a little overexcited.