Monday, December 28, 2009

Ok, so, Billy is knocked out on the couch now, Dad's cool with him staying the night. Says "You're twenty-one-years-old, Chrissy, you're an adult, you're allowed to have your boyfriend sleep in there with you." I had to explain that he's not my boyfriend, and 'just a guy I know from school.' I think he was just teasing me any way. But, what ever.

I'm highly creeped out by what I saw in those videos. The way 'He' moves... exactly like he does here. The way he hides where you can JUST see him, it's the same. I don't think I'll be sleeping until the sun is up... or later. Billy said he doesn't have to work tomorrow - so, he's going to leave from here when he wakes up, head to the storage place to get his sister's laptop, and then his house to look around the bedroom again, to see if he missed anything.

ToTheArk is confusing... There's no way I would be able to figure out the stuff in those videos.. I'd probably be too confused to do ANYTHING with them, and just ignore the guy. Billy says the way Alex started to behave through out the series is how his sister started. She went from being a gamer-geek girl who still had some popular friends, was talkative and had a bubbly personality, and slowly started becoming more and more antisocial, started dressing darker, becoming more reserved, stopped doing a lot of the things she enjoyed before - except browse the internet. He said she had an addiction - almost obesssion - to the internet and her codes.

Right now I'm going through the Wikidot page I was linked in a comment. It's VERY useful. Thanks, 'Lifegospel'.

I checked out the 'unForum' on that 'unFiction' site a bit, but.. It seems to just be people nit-picking unimportant things at the moment.. I still have it bookmarked. I'll check it out again at another time.

By the way.... I saw a few 'related videos' and their comments... what's this stuff about Jay owing 'Him' $20?


  1. Well, First of all, you're very welcome.
    Second, the $20 was a joke made by somebody in the early stages of Marble Hornets, it seems that it's become quite the meme as of late. Although I for one consider your predicament to be no laughing matter.

    If you have any questions, I can be contacted at

    Stay safe and watch your back.

  2. the 20$ meme was derived from a song taht peopple belive can be heard in certain MH entrys. It goes somethign like "...gimme 20 dollars, gimme 20 dollars...."

  3. I looked it up.. So stupid, but catchy.

    Billy just got up. He met my dad for the first time (well, he's seen him before, but they haven't had any contact). Dad remembered his last name and remembered that it was mentioned in the paper last year - in the obituary, gave his condolences. They're talking over coffee right now. After they're done, he's heading out to get the laptop and stuff. I'm going to grab a nap while I can. I know 'he' can come during the day... but... I've only had problems with him at the house at night.

  4. Come to think of it, I owe someone ten dollars.

  5. You know, It's times like this I wish we still had SlenderHunter around, he knew HIS weakesss, didn't he?

  6. From what little I've been able to understand of SH's... Let's call them 'notes' for simplicity, I don't think he knew a weakness. He certainly knew what /didn't/ work, however.

    My theory, however, is that the man is now another of our 'friend's victims.