Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This doesn't seem good. I got freaked out when Billy didn't call me. He was 15 mins late, but, I gave it a while longer. Jeff, the guy who went with him came in my house - didn't even knock - and was yelling about Billy like 20 mins ago.

"Billy's gone!" he was yelling at the top of his lungs.

We got in his car and headed to the park.. Found Billy. He was covered in mud and dirt, his head had a bit of blood dripping down it.. He was knocked out. He was slumped against the side of his truck with a slight trail of mud leading up to it.

His phone had a text he was replying to that came in at 10:49, we assume that's when what ever happened happened.

When Billy came to, he said the last thing he remembers was sticking the jar in to his backpack and sending a text to Jeff to get the truck started that he had a bad vibe, then it all went black. The text on his phone was not 'get the truck ready' but like a mad jab at the screen (He's got a touch screen phone.)

We have the message his sister hid, a few pictures of the location, and Billy is going to write once his headache goes away. I'll get all the stuff off his phone and uploaded, he said I could

Thank all of you for your emails. I know i was late responding to them all, but I did check them when eth time was up.


  1. Phew! Thank god hes okay. I hope the new evidence will help us ( maybe even help us find Billy's sister?)

  2. They know where his sister is, Tom.
    Go back and read the first or second page. She killed her self, according to Christina, billy told her she did so last year.

  3. Glad to hear he's okay.
    Hopefuly some of these new images will bring out new info.

  4. In light of new evidence, the suicide theory may be one of supernatural murder.

  5. Oh sorry. Didnt knew she was dead.