Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Secret place.

In regards to the comments on the binary, I know her secret place.

There's a 'park' of sorts right down the street. It has a nature trail and a man-made lake. Along the trail, there's this spot where she would always run off when we were younger. I was still in elementary school, she was in middle school. Any time she was mad at mom and dad, or any time she was depressed and wanted to be alone, she would go out there to think.

When our cat (well, her cat really.) Mikey died during my 5th grade year, and her 8th, it was due to a wild animal attacking it, basically ripping the poor cat to bits. Mom and dad didn't want us to bury it like that, so instead, her and I took his collar, dish and favorite toy and buried it in a box out in that park. That night, she told me "This park is my special place. I have a secret spot here... I don't think there's a better place for Mikey to rest."

I remember that, because it was the first pet I lost to death... And, it was the first time I had seen her so emotionless. Her voice was so dull, so eerily calm.

To the point, though. She never showed me her secret place, but I know about where it is down the trail, she was always scared to go past a specific spot, due to a story kids in the neighborhood used to tell. I can't blame her, shit, with what I know now... I'm a bit wary to go in there.

Bunch of kids I had known since I was real young had a story they would tell. A boogie man type thing. After a bunch of kids got nabbed from a local daycare center, it started going around. Well, around my area, the story goes like this : The day of the kidnapping, a very tall man with no eyes came in and opened his arms wide. All the kids ran to him to give him a big hug. The man wore a black suit and and long arms - long enough to hug all the kids at once. The man left with the kids, and they were never seen again. Rumor has it, he took them to a spot in the forest and ate them, their ghosts haunting the forest, letting him know who enters so that he may eat them too.

We don't even know for sure that kids were kidnapped. There was no news report, no witnesses, save for a kid who later killed himself by overdosing, and supposedly no record of any of the supposed kidnapping victims ever attending that daycare.

I was a more logical kid than my sister. When I heard 'Man with no eyes', 'in black' and 'tall and with long arms' I figured it was just a man with sunglasses, in black, and he was an adult. My sister on the other hand took it literal. I teased her about it all the time....

You have no idea how much I blame my self for what happened to her. No idea at all.


  1. That is really freaky. If I were you, I wouldn't go there. But if you must, go there with as many people as possible when there is a lot of light. If any fog is out at all, or fog rolls in, don't go/get out of there.

    Also, if you here a child speaking don't go any further. These are all signs of "him".

  2. When you get a chance... go talk to Joe.
    It may be a coincidence.. but, Christina mentioned that HE saw the Slenderman...

    I knew I had seen his name in relation to things about the Slenderman.. I went and dug up the old paper I saved...


  3. That certainly isn't good.. Some victims of HIM have been found ripped to bits, or hanging on trees, and many other things that I refuse to elaborate upon. Try that spot, but go with Christina, during daylight, and both of you should bring a gun. If It doesn't kill HIM, it shouls at least slow it down.

  4. here he comes, The tall man
    the tall man comes to play.
    with arms wide open
    and a blank gaze
    the eyeless watCher is here to stay
    the slendeR man is here
    no placE to run
    no place to hide
    no PLACE to escape the fear.
    he's coming tonight.
    another nIght of covering my head wiTh the pillowS
    and HidIng unDer the bed IN friGht
    he knows where i am

    The capitals together are: YSECRETPLACEITSHIDING


    What could this mean?

  5. I already solved that one. The M in tall man should be capitalized. It is

    My Secret Place Its Hiding

    Talking about the place where Billy is going.