Sunday, December 27, 2009

Before we get ready to watch Marble Hornets, I'll show you what Billy brought over.
Like all the other stuff, he didn't know at the time what it meant - and he still doesn't.
The 'With Arms' and RM ORM O is what made him take this as something more than just insane babble.

Oh! Before I continue. He did read through the blog last night, and corrected me today. I keep saying there's a sketch book full of more stuff like this. He says it's a notebook. Doh!

Any way. Here's what was found.
(Quick note about the pictures! Click them for the full thing. They're cropped down to fit the blog. Think Blogger does it automatically.)

Billy says it was folded just like that. Upon unfolding it a few times, this next image was found.

It's hard to see in the picture, but it says 'FIND ME' with the symbol.

This is the full front of the sheet.

Close up of the message. I think it may be a riddle or clue or something. Billy agrees.

Lastly, there's the coded part.

The red arrow says 'HINT' on it in black. Also, the 'POWER ON' thing seems different. The N isn't like any other I've seen her use. Billy says it looks like what we saw on the other picture from before. I never got to taking a picture of it the other day when my battery died, but, I just took one of it now :

Billy says he remembers that symbol in the second image. Says it was on a loose scrap of paper in her room. He remembers where it was, at the foot of her bed. He said he's going to go 'find' what ever may be there. He says he doesn't have high hopes, there were a lot of small scraps of paper all over, and this could have just been blown around the room. But he says he's going to check any way.

We're going to watch Marble Hornets now. We have the blinds closed, the curtains drawn, the lights on and for the odd event the power goes out - A battery powered camping lantern.

I'll post when we're done watching them. May take a while... seems that with this Ark guy's videos...there's quite a few.

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  1. As I said above, the random coding is Base64. It means 'my pc'. Which fits with 'power on' and 'digital'.

    Maybe there's a password in the paper somewhere? I'm too tired to think right now, I'll give it a shot tomorrow unless someone else can assist you.