Sunday, December 27, 2009

Billy said he found the paper that the rmo thing was on.
He said he wouldn't have at first, if it wasn't for the 'with arms' note on it.
After reading the decoded stuff that was posted, he kept a look out for that too.

He said that he has to pass my place on the way home from work, so he'll bring it with him and we'll post it up when he gets here.

I got a few (three or so) emails asking about why I made it sound like this girl was his lover or something. When he first brought her up, he wasn't being direct and dodged around who she was. I had asked him about that when he first told me she was his sister. He said that he and his mother were so ashamed that they didn't see the signs and get her real help that he didn't want to admit she was family until he knew he could trust me enough. I don't blame the guy... It's one thing to not be able to help a friend, but a totally different not to help family. My aunt lost her first husband to drugs. She couldn't help him, and he refused rehab. Ended up dying. She dodges the subject too. So I totally understand.

A few others asked if Billy knows about this blog. Yes, he knows about it, but he hasn't seen it. He never asked to. When I brought it up to him, he said "Let's just get this stuff up and online first. If anything major happens, then I'll check it out. Right now though, it would be too much."

Oh! And before I forget.
I was so paranoid out at the theater we went to. It's an upper-scale one out in Weston (Which for you out of stater's who don't know; Weston is home to quite a few million dollar houses. It's considered an 'Affluent Neighborhood.') and there were a bunch of people in black suits. Thankfully most of them had hair...and they all had faces.

Besides the little paranoia though, the movie was AWESOME!!!!!!!
Yeah, the plot was a military assholes being typical military assholes, struggle for resources, and a deserter who becomes the 'leader' of what was once his enemy. Predictable, but, the 3D was AMAZING! If you guys haven't seen it, go do so asap!

AND! As a plus, on the way up there, my dad was fidgeting around with something and talking to someone on the phone. I thought he was taking care of business related stuff. Well. He looks back at me and says "Your phone is going to stop working in a minute. Tell me when it loses signal." I'm thinking what the hell? But, I go along with it. When it drops, I tell him. Two minutes later, he hands me a BRAND NEW SAMSUNG INSTINCT!!!!!!

Today is a GREAT day! I don't think even You-Know-Who could change that!

But, wow, it's already almost 2:30. I'm going to get to bed. Goodnight, all of you out there :)

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