Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Secret Place - 2

Heading out there in just a moment, had to wait for Jeff to wake his lazy ass up.
Christina isn't coming. I told her to just stay home for now. If something goes down, I don't want her to be in harm's way.

Jeff is bringing his Glock 22, which fires .40 rounds. Based off what I've read, it won't do shit to him, but, like a commenter suggested, it could slow him down or surprise him.

I'm bringing various things. An LED flashlight, my phone, my hunting knife, and I've got a first aid kit in the truck (keep it for camping usually.)

I should make it there by 9. If I'm not back by 11, contact Christina.


  1. Someone send a mail out to Christina then.

  2. I told you slendy would be there!

  3. I've just sent off a mail to Christina, she should hopefully get it soon.