Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas went well. Just got home from Grandma and Grandpa's place. Had to drive, mom and dad were way too smashed. Everyone loved my desserts - I made a white chocolate cheese cake and lemon cookies with bits of candy cane in them, which the kids loved. Billy called around noon, said things were well on his end, which is good. I hope they stay that way.

Had a chance to talk to grandma about 'him'. At first, I was being indirect and just hinting at the problem when I finally came out and told her about a 'very tall, skinny guy in a black suit' following me. She took me in to the kitchen away from the family and explained to me that when I would spend the night there, while my parents were out to dinner or the time dad broke his leg and he and mom went to the hospital, and similar situations, that I would some times complain about a tall man in black outside the window. She said that she figured it was my personal boogie man or something to get attention while my parents were gone (I do admit, I was a bit of an attention-crazy little kid.). She told me that I'm probably just having my old nightmares come back to haunt me due to stress.

I told her she was probably right - that my finals had me stressed for the last month, and that once things calm down, I'll probably be fine. I knew this wasn't the reason, but, I'm not going to let my grandmother think I'm totally insane.

I read the comments on my last post and I think I'll try the brick powder thing. I've heard about it in all sorts of contexts, but always to ward off evil from entering. About the gun - Again, I'm a 21 year old college student who doesn't have much money (Though I did get a $100 Victoria's Secret gift card - Thanks Grandma!). Even if a 'high powered rifle' would work - I don't see me having the means of getting one. Plus, from what I've read - and what the other comments say - it won't do anything any way.

I've been thinking about getting in contact with this 'Jay' guy who's doing the Marble Hornets series and seeing what he has to say. I know it's fiction and all, but, if he's doing a series on 'him', he possibly did enough research on the subject to know how to protect my self.

Here's hoping.

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