Monday, December 21, 2009

I found some websites and videos about the Slender Man. There's a series on Youtube called Marble Hornets, some fictional series done by film students or something. It has a lot of views, so it may be good, but, to be honest, I'm too scared to watch even fictional stuff about this Slender Man. It seems this Marble Hornets thing is something of a game, like the stuff that went on for Cloverfield and Halo 2 - I had a few friends playing them. How anyone can make a game out of this stuff is beyond me. Aren't they scared? There's a site called unFiction that has a whole section of it's forums dedicated to Marble Hornets. I figured I would book mark it. While it may be about a fictional series and game, there seems to be a lot of discussion on the Slender Man mythos... may be useful.

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