Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Keeping this quick, having wifi issues, phone won't get signal, and we could SWEAR we saw 'HIM' in the trees out back. Billy keeps having super bad migraines and isn't doing well - he seems real distressed. He's back over here, on my bed. Told dad he got jumped for his MP3 player and got knocked out in the process.
Going to post what I know first, then the pictures, instead of explaining each one.

'110 111 116 32 102 111 114 32 109 101' on back of paper(s). Under 'him'
'he' Has many more arms..more branch like.
'he' takes up two pieces of paper.
poem on paper : 'Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, the Tall Man is coming for YOU' - you is circled.
Two pieces are taper so pages over lap. Over laping pages make a hiding spot. When folded up the message 'under 4th drawer' is shown
Message on front ' The more you know the sooner he comes '
Message in blue 'sees all'
Messages on sides of paper - when folded back and lined up, 'Almost over' message present. Billy says that was one of the last things he heard his sister say.

By the way.. the pictures of this park...they remind me a lot of the place in my dreams...

Going to put pictures in a new post.
More of them than I thought


  1. The numbers are in dec/char: they read 'not for me'

  2. I wouldn't have recognized the code.