Sunday, December 27, 2009

Decided I would take the advice of my emailers and the comments.
I'm going to watch the Marble Hornets series. Texted Billy before he was off to work.. he said He'd watch them with me. Thank God.. After reading about them, I think I need someone here with me.

One of my emailers mentioned meeting in person, he lives around here. I think that may be good. One more person here makes me feel better.

He didn't come last night. Not to me. Not to Billy.

I talked to my neighbor Joe about 40 mins ago about the coded stuff - told him a few friends from school were starting a 'geeky puzzle game' with the prize being movie tickets to who ever solves it first. He told me that if I needed help to show him the stuff and he'd take a crack at it. You guys seem to have this stuff down, but incase anything else comes up, i thought it would be good to have another head take a crack at it. He saw 'him' too...

Any way. Billy gets off at two today. I'll post about the new paper when he gets here, then we're going to watch Marble Hornets. I'll keep you all posted.

Oh and...
Thanks for your support. Means a lot that total strangers would even read this, but more that they would help me figure it all out.


  1. I highly recommend watching the Marble Hornets series as well, if only for the knowledge of how Slender Man operates. I also recommend frequenting the Marble Hornets section of the unforum site; despite the fact that they take it all as fiction, there may be some useful information.

  2. *unfiction

    And yes. I know it bothers you that they consider it to be fictional, but look at it as based in fact and a story fabricated around true events. Or look at them as all being mistaken.

    Watching Marble Hornets will really help. Make sure you watch all of totheark's responses.