Friday, December 25, 2009

The peace couldn't last long... could it?
He's back.. Or was.

I saw the shadow outside my window again. It stayed there for a good 20 minutes before lurking away...

Neighbor - an older man named Joe came over and knocked on the door with his wife (think she's Bess or something.) said he saw some "Tall freak" stalking around the side for a while before 'vanishing' in to the darkness of the back yard..

So it's not just me...

Itried to get ahold of Billy.. Got his voice mail.. I must look like a desperately obsessed school girl..ringing his phone off the proverbial hook.. Hope he gets back to me. I'm scared. I'm writing this from my laptop in the bathroom.. Only room in the house that's not right on an outside wall.. only room in the house with out a window... Lights are on..Have a towel stuffed where the door meets the floor.. Joe is a no nonsense guy.. served in Vietnam and owns a computer repair shop. He's the type that if someone says there's a ghost - he pulls out all sorts of scientific stuff to denounce it. If he says he saw something.... it must be real.

1 comment:

  1. It's the Brick Anon again.

    It's unusual for him to expose himself to others while stalking. This may mean that your neighbors are a target as well.

    I have heard theories that the more you learn about our tall friend, the more power he has over you. I'm not so sure of the veracity of these statements, but the important thing is to remain calm. If you lose it, you will not be thinking clearly.

    Do some research on the Elder Sign. Attempt to use that. I've heard a theory that he may be something similar to those described by an H.P. Lovecraft. If it's true, it might ward him off. If it isn't, well. Someone will think you've been playing too many roleplaying games. Either way, it couldn't hurt to try, no?