Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sorry about yesterday.

Wasn't able to get on yesterday. Billy got called in to work to fill in for someone, said that he needs the hours desperately, I got called up for a job interview and then to baby sit, again. If I didn't love those kids so much.....

Any way. We have the laptop - Billy has it with him. He also looked around the room for where that symbol thing could be found. He says he found something, whether as a coincidence or because that's where it was supposed to lead.

He left what he found in the mailbox for me, which I picked up when I got home.. I took pictures of them for you guys. The code on it looks like stuff you guys cracked before. (Are some of you hackers or something? :O ) Any way...Here's the pics (again, click to make them bigger. blogger shrinks 'em down.)

The symbol Billy found. Says his sister used it even before her 'problems'. He doesn't know what it means, if anything, but, she used it often.

Here's the paper Billy found. He said that the dot on her symbol - when it was found - was pointing under her bed. He said he searched under the mattress, on the floor under it, and around the general area. Dropped his phone to text me, the light from the phone let him see a corner of the page hanging down from the bottom of the box-spring.

In black, on the edges of the 'X' for the circle, there are letters.
Top left : H , Top right : I, Bottom right : D, bottom left : E - spelling out HIDE.
There are words on the circle it's self. Starting at the left side - "It is hiden in plain sight. Smile!"

Also, I'm not sure if she just made a mistake and crossed things out to start again, but a section of the code is crossed out in red and rewritten in black (The black looks like 2f 65 to me.) with NO NO NO! underlined under it.

Another code.

This part was strange. There's a piece of tape on the paper with 'HIDE' written on it. Another piece (well, pieces.) of tape covers that. There was yet anoter, totally covered in black, but loose on there - where it came off with just a little tug. No clue what it's supposed to mean.

On another note.. 'He' was back again last night. Lurking around the window. I didn't have the blinds closed.. saw him...
He normally has two arms for me.. I saw four this time.
That comment from earlier on..like last week..makes me worry...
I also seem to be losing track of time too. I could swear when I got back from baby sitting it was ten. It's only a twenty minute drive from my aunt's house to my house, and I didn't go anywhere other than straight home..but I didn't come in until two.

When Billy texted me about the paper in the mailbox, he said he'd be over at like 8am, with the laptop. It's almost 7 now, so I'm going to go take a shower and get some breakfast.

Oh, totally unrelated, but someone asked me "What backdrop are you using to take those pictures? They're all on the same background." The answer to that is my comforter. My computer desk is right at the foot of my bed (small room, no where else to put it.) so when I go to take the pictures to upload them, I just lay them out and do it there.

Any way. I'll be back later.


  1. The first one is a hex code referring to some sort of file on her desktop ('Desktopmotes/smil'(plus a string of random letters, which I might have misread)) presumably entitled the truth.

    I shouldn't think anyone here is a hacker... it's such a nineties term xD

  2. sorry, that should be desktop/hmotes/smil

  3. The second one reads 'pleasefindthis' (no spaces). Not sure about the significance of the tape.

  4. The letters and numbers on the paper look like
    "44 65 73 6b 74 6f 70 2f 65 6d 6f 74 65 73 2f 73 6d 69 6c 65 2e 6a 70 67"

    If so, and my hex reader is right, it means Desktop/emotes/smile.jpg

  5. The two above seem to have it right.

    Four arms doesn't necessarily mean that he's coming for you, yet. You may have some time. As I said earlier, he comes on harder as you learn more about him, though this isn't always the case.

    However, if you have any pets, I would find a safe place to put them for a few weeks. Sometimes, not always but sometimes, he goes for pets first.

  6. We had a pet dog, but she passed last year. Old age, she was a twelve year old yellow Labrador. We haven't been able to find it in our selves to get a new pet.

    Joe had a stray cat he was feeding that would come in to our yard every now in then. I haven't seen it in a week or two. Figured he either took it in or it got hit by a car. Now, though... I'm thinking far worse...

  7. I think it's an analogy for something hidden in something.

    The first layer with the words on it is the object to be hidden. The tape over (second layer) is to either simply protect from the blacked tape so it dosesn't pull the ink off, or that it's another layer of hiding. The final layer - the black tape, is showing that there's something hiding the words below.

    either that, or i need to quit coming here when i'm high.

  8. There are many cases, not always, but a good enough number for me to take note, where he arrives and kills nearby animals. I think it's because animals know when something around them is unnatural.

  9. That top picture clearly says smile.jpg.

    Smile.jpg is a picture of a hideously grinning dog with an arm reaching out behind it that supposedly makes you go insane when you see it.

    If you want to read about it, here it is.

    This is the first time I've ever heard of smile.jpg intersect with a Slenderman story.

  10. sorry, I meant second picture from the top.

  11. It is also worth mentioning that there is a distinct correlation between the Marble Hornets series and your circumstance here.

    In totheark's reply to Entry #18 ("Message"), there is a text overlay near the end that says: "Smile for the camera". I immediately thought of this when I read "Smile!".