Saturday, December 26, 2009

Joe came over again to talk to my father. He says he's having problems with the Satellite TV , and that it happens when ever the 'tree branches scrape the shutters', so he thinks it's the neighbor's tree causing interference. He wants Joe to see if he can position it better.

Joe was surprised when he went to the side of the house that mom and dad's room is on, to see the closest tree branch over three feet away. He came in and told dad that the neighbors must have cut the limbs shorter, because there was no way the one closest would even come half way to the house, but that he repositioned the dish a little more to the west, claiming that what ever the case, he would get better reception that way, and that who ever installed it was in a rush.

I wanted to scream to them; "IT'S NOT THE TREE, IT'S 'HIM'!" but... I kept my mouth shut. I don't need dad thinking I'm crazy again. When I went through my 'punk rock' phase in High School, he flipped out on me. I don't need him going totally insane thinking that I'm fit to be Baker Acted.

Any way, I'm off to Ft. Lauderdale for the day, going to see some friends I haven't seen since this time last year. Hopefully it'll take away some of this stress... A day out with the girls can work wonders.


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