Thursday, December 24, 2009

Today was great for me... But.. Billy called. Said he had problems all night. Scratching sounds on his window, tall humanlike shadows lurking around his yard, he couldn't get his Wifi to connect.
I think showing me those papers may have caused 'it' to be upset with him.

Hopefully tomorrow will be good for both of us. It'll be Christmas.
I won't be home, I'm going to my grandparents for the typical family morning, and then dinner.
I think I'm going to ask grandma-Joanne about some of this stuff. She's always been one to be interested in things out of the norm. Just in case, though, I'll make sure she's seen me have a few glasses of wine, so if she thinks it's pure madness, I can pass it off as being drunk.


  1. What good would it do? Everything goes all weird when he's around. From phones not getting signal, to wifi not connecting, even my alamrclock goes weird when he's near my window.
    I would assume it would get messed up as well.

    As for actually getting one.. I'm a broke college student. I can't even afford to live in the dorms. I'll see if I can get my webcam to catch anything, but, I doubt it.

  2. It's christmas now, lets hope that some of the edge has been taken off from all of this?

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  4. Disregard my last comment. I see in your most recent post you said you haven't watched all the Marble Hornets videos.

    You should. The tapes don't always go haywire when he's around. You may be able to find something.