Saturday, December 26, 2009

I got hardly any sleep last night... He didn't come back... but the weird dreams did. Same one about that red x'ed out circle of blood in the hole with the skeleton... Which really freaks me out after seeing the pictures.

Billy came over today around 7:30. He appologized for not calling back soon, but he was playing his guitar for his family at the party. He brought over three ratty looking papers. I'll include them as I bring them up later in the post...

He said that they were the first papers he and his mother found in her room. They were scattered around the body, except for the one with the odd dots and lines on the back. That was in her hand... He said the only reason they kept them was because they wanted to know just what she was doing drawing/writing them. This was before they found her notebook thing.

First Page :
The first one he showed me seemes to just be a lot of psychotic babble.
From top to bottom :


A circle with an X through it... VERY similar to what I saw in my dream.

"HE SEES ME" with 'ME' underlined three times.


"FOUND ME!!!" with 'ME underlined twice.

Upside down, on the bottom, it seems to say "EYELESS WATCHER", with the E cut off.

On the back, a crude drawing of 'him' with "SEE YOU SEE ME" beside it. He's got what looks like six arms in this one. I've only seen him with the two, but, the stories I've read say that he can grow new ones at will... BIlly theorized that the more arms the more dangerous he is to his 'prey'.

Second Page :

Another crude drawing of 'him' with what appears to be his 'arms' bent forward. It says
"REACH OUT" with an X through the 'O', followed by several dots, then "GET ME" underlined three times.

On the back there was a series of dashes, each 'set' underlined. Looks like some sort of code I've seen in an old movie before.. not sure though. It reads

.... . .-.. .--. / -- .

No clue what it means. Billy says he doesn't know either. Supposedly this is the first time that he's looked at them since the day they found them. He's been too devastated to look at them, but he says that he feels like helping me will help him repent for not being able to save his sister... I guess figuring out what is on these papers will help figure out how to save me too?

Any way... Page three :
This page has a lot going on in it. 'He' is in what appears to be a crude drawing of a window. Under it, it says 'SEE YOU', with the 'O' Crossed out like in the other pictures. The Y branches out to different things. I'm not sure if these are supposed to be arms or 'blood' or a river or roots or anything - but those are the ideas Billy and I tossed around.

The numbers and letters appear to be a code of sorts. They're kinda hard to see in the picture (damn cellphone takes horrible pics. Dad said he's going to get me a new one soon, for the new semester.) I'll type them up, though.
6F 70 65 6E 20 77 69 64 65

Not sure what this means.. but the letters on the side seem to be in the same format.

77 69 74 68 20 61 72 6D 73 20 77 69 64 65 20 6F 70 65 6E

It's worth noting that all the 0's are crossed like the 'O's and the symbol.

On the back of the paper, in the bottom left corner, there's upside down text with two arrows pointing up (if you turn it upside down.)


WAY was written like that, and circled. Billy showed me the paper has fold lines in it. Distinctive creases different from the crumbled bits on the rest of the paper. If you fold the paper at the line that cuts horizontally across 'SEE YOU', turn the paper on it's side and fold it across the line above the long code, you get the 'x2' bit, pointing to four bits.
72 6D
20 6F

Also, I didn't take a picture of it, because my battery died (I'll get one later, he left the papers here for me.)..but, if you turn the paper over from that part, you see the top half of 'him' in the window, with that trail from the Y coming from his body. The 'OU' in 'YOU' looks like "ON".. Billy mentioned another paper having ON in it, and said that he would get it for me on monday, he works today and sunday. He's already left, running a bit late due to stopping by here.

If any of you read this and can help us figure out what these 'codes' mean, please let me know either via comment or email.
( balmontc( AT )gmail(DOT)com )

Also, I'd like to make a note for the anonymous joker who left the 'HE COMES' hidden in that comment. It's not funny. Any more comments like that one and I'll be disabling anonymous comments. This isn't some game. This isn't some joke. And I won't take people trying to mess with my head... Already have one 'person' doing so already..don't need more.


  1. not gonna bother 2 do them coz im runnin late but the codez u hav up there r binary and hexidecimal

    good luck

  2. I thought Binary was ones and zeros, dumbass.
    It's Morse Code and Hexadecimal.

  3. It's morse code for HELP ME. I'm working on the others right now, they seem to be pretty simple.

    Billy's half right about the arms, by the way. It isn't the number of arms you see that's more dangerous. It's the fact that when he reveals more of himself, he's ready to come for you.

  4. Right, that picture with the odd strings of letters and the arrow? That's a case of hex encoding.

    6F 70 65 6E 20 77 69 64 65 translates to 'Open wide'.

    And 77 69 74 68 20 61 72 6d 73 20 77 69 64 65 20 6f 70 65 6e is 'with arms wide open'.

    The See You is a different kind of code. I know the code, I just can't remember what it is for the life of me.

    Was Billy's mother fond of puzzles?

  5. What about the 'Shows the way' bit? Billy seemed to think that even though it was just 4 pieces, that it had significance.

    Also, I had asked him why his sister would be putting all these coded messages on the papers and asked if there was someone in the family who was in to solving puzzles.

    He said that his sister was a bit of a computer geek. She would always lurk forums, do 'hacking pranks' (as he put it.) and stuff like that. She also supposedly learned how to do Binary by hand and was always looking to learn new codes.

    He thinks that these were intended to be a secret but that if anyone decoded them, they would find the truth. She was supposedly a pretty cryptic girl, so it may be fitting.

    But any way, thank you, Happy. I would have never been able to figure that stuff out on my own. I'm in school for nursing, and I'm pretty dim witted when it comes to computer stuff.

  6. They may be coordinates of some kind. You, know, like geocaching? I can't be too certain, honestly.

  7. It seems you've read my comment, and noticed it. It was no joke, my lady. It was simply a warning. He IS coming, and the more you think of him, the faster he reaches you.

  8. highchosen1:
    Then you should have just straight up said it rather than (rather pathetically) hiding it in your comment? Stop being so pretentious

    Christina, after seeing these pictures, you really need to start looking at Marble Hornets. Some of the stuff Alex drew looks almost exactly like yours.

  9. By what you're saying Happy, I take it you mean Just Another Fool?
    Christina, I'll give you a link to a collection of information that we have gathered, although it is mostly on Marble Hornets, It still might be able to help

    BOTH Ren and highchosen1: Guys, stop, it's over, if I wanted to see mom and dad fight, I'd stay at home, Yes, highchosen1 could have been a little more open about his message, but Ren, you didn't have to berate him like that, you know you've made a mistake when the owner mentions you in a post, telling you to stop.

    Stay safe, watch your back (Yes, I guess I AM taking up Ray Star's mannerisms.)

  10. I do mean JAFool. I was keeping an eye on that, but... Well, I don't think there's much call for comparisons beyond the style of the drawings here, don't you agree?

  11. I believe so, her behavior is beginning to mimic Alex's.

  12. Correction: I meant Billy's sister, not Christina