Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hey. Christina set it up where I can post on here.
Just going to keep it short and quick.

We found the file, as she posted. People are implying something may be hidden.
We don't know how to find any of it. There's nothing on the computer saying how it could be hidden. Aside from that folder, there's nothing on here, it's like a new computer.

If anyone can find out what is in that picture, if there is anything at all. Please let us know.


  1. I attempted to lighten it and such to find hidden things, but there was nothing. It is just the picture. That WAS on the paper, though. I remember Christina saying that there was a circle with an x through it with a smiley on it that said smile on your sister's papers.

    That is really all I can make of this.

  2. That symbol is known to most of us as the Operator symbol. Billy, you've seen the Marble Hornets videos, so you'd know that during the late stages of his paranoia, Alex started drawing.... well, strange symbols, such as an O with an X through it, which we think is supposed to represent 'Him'

  3. Could smile.jpg also be a reference to that creepypasta story that was going around for a little while?