Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year,,,,

Ugh. Hung over. Didn't think I drank that much either.. Two Mikes Hard Lemonade, and a shot or two. Guess I'm a cheap date, eh?

Any way.. Tried to fall back asleep and couldn't, so I'm posting a bit early. To clear up some stuff, like why I haven't been posting, and what's been going on with me...

I've been hellishly busy the past few days. Had to finish a 12 page paper due in on Monday morning that I hadn't touched all break, had to babysit some more, and, we had a party here yesterday/last night, to ring in the New Year.

Someone asked if I worked. Yeah, I do, but not a typical job. I work on campus, at Nova Southeastern University. It's only open when the campus is, which is why I haven't been in to work, and just babysitting. I think I mentioned being unemployed as being a reason I couldn't afford a gun. Basically the work I do in school is purely to help cover tuition. I don't make a single cent off of it, so I pretty much AM unemployed by my standards.

He's visited a lot more often. Four arms, but, they seem to be branching. Joe said he saw the 'tall freak' in our yard again. I think that article someone left as a comment the other night has something to do with it...

Talked to Billy last night. He's still home. Says he's going to post when he woke up. Said he was having issues with his phone and internet until past midnight. Don't know what he did to fix it, but, thank God, I was getting worried.

I lost an hour and a half or more of time yesterday, by the way. I was in the living room watching tv one minute, then just 'gone' the next. Ended up in my room in bed in the fetal position, crying. Before anyone says 'you were drinking and there were people over' - I woke up with all my clothes on... not raped. It's 'him'. I know it is.

Any way, I'm going to go hunt for some a headache worse than I have in a long time.. Think it could be a mixture of too much alcohol (I'm such a light weight...) and 'him'.


  1. any ideas of what are you gping to do next?

  2. Basically going to see if this 'treasure hunt' of Billy's sister's is going to help at all. It's not exactly as if I can just go to the cops. "Hey, a freakishly tall guy in a business suit with no eyes or mouth is following me, stalks around my yard, and got shot three times and had nothing happen to him." You know how fast I'd be locked in the loony-bin?

    Then again... maybe I am crazy...