Thursday, December 17, 2009

I talked to a guy earlier while I was on the bus on the way back from school. I had just seen 'him' again and was highly disturbed. The guy asked me what was wrong. I figured he was just trying to get my number, but, I needed someone...

I told him how I had been being followed for a few weeks now and that I was real scared, and now the man was following me to school. He suggested calling the police, I told him it wouldn't do anything. He assumed that I was talking about an abusive ex or something, but after I told him about everything (and missed my stop in doing so.), his expression changed.

He told me that I needed to be careful about going out alone, that I needed to keep my windows and doors locked. He told me to research the 'Slender Man'. He gave me his number and said that I should stay in contact with him. When we finally got off the bus, he waited with me for the one that stopped at the stop I missed.

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