Saturday, January 9, 2010


I posted this same bit over at the uF forums. I figured I'd post it here too.

Sorry for the cop out. There's been a lot of shit going on at home and in real life that has made it where I could no longer run this little story. Due to some things going on, I may not have internet for a while (up to two months.), nor a cellphone. Decided I would end it there with something to wrap it up yet leave questions.

I learned a lot doing this, it was my first jab at chaotic fiction, and I have been thinking about doing another one when I have the time to dedicate to it.

Originally, two friends were supposed to help me film parts with Slendy, there was supposed to be a friend acting as Christina (I'm a guy, wouldn't be able to pull that off.) on the phone with people, ect. But as I began to have less and less time to put in to it, I figured I just needed to bring about a quick ending, and drop a lot of parts.

Now, the reasoning behind the weaknesses, how to kill him, ect :
I wouldn't take all of what Christina has said to be a reality. She knows what she's read. Yeah, Billy's sister thought she had ways to ward off Slendy and stuff, but, as mentioned - he might not be able to see you, but if you know his weakness he'll follow you until he finds a way to get you. Also, Samantha (billy's sister.) was highly disturbed as well. Just because she says something doesn't mean it's true. For all we know, the CD's contents could be pure bullshit.

Any way. I'd like it if I could get some feedback. The key things I would like to know are how were the props(the pages with the drawings and such.), the story it's self (as a whole.), the posting pattern (Too many posts too quickly, or not enough, or a good balance?), character development (did you see the characters be built up, or were they basically the same through out?)

You can either email me at the two emails for the story : ; , or post the stuff here.

And, thanks for keeping up with it, everyone. Again, for a first timer, it was good to see everyone following it. I didn't expect more than three or four to be in to it.



  1. everything was awesome, really good work, except the ending which came very suddenly

  2. I agree with Tom. Those pictures were great, and the picture in the forest with Slendy had me going. find it sad that I believed he was real for a few days.