Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Well fuck...

Sorry for not posting the contents of the CD, and for being AWOL the past few days.

Here's something I don't know if I should share or not...

Sunday night, Christina's father went in to her room, looking for that old phone of hers so he could send it back to Sprint. They have some buy-back plan to credit your account for a specific tradein value on your old phones. He looked in her dresser, which is where she was keeping Samantha's...'art'. The letter to me was not included in there.. he figured SHE was the one who drew them.. Called Joe (who is the one who filled me in about this.) because he's an ex cop and knows the system.. to get her Baker Acted.

In Florida, the Baker Act is basically a mental health bill that allows one to call in for someone to be detained for mental observation if they're a threat to them self or others.

Right now, Christina is in a mental health facility over in Hollywood. Normally a 'Baker Act' visit lasts for three days, but...the catch is - they can keep you detained if you don't seem 'right'...

Just hope Christina is able to keep these things about the Slender Man to her self for a bit and not get held longer than the initial three days.

The CD is at her house. She had brought it home with her to upload when we finally left the Walgreens.. I talked to her dad on the phone earlier, said I left some stuff over there that I need for tomorrow at work. He said that I can come pick them up. I assume the CD is in her computer... shouldn't be too hard to find.

Any way.. I'm on break right now.. posting from my phone at work. Hopefully we'll figure something out. Hopefully Christina will be released soon.


  1. Couldn't you have explained that it was part of a Marble Hornets-ish ARG? It may not have been accurate, but it might have avoided that trouble.

  2. I'll show it to her dad tonight. Just got off work, I'll call him up and see if I can come over. I totally didn't think of that.. All I've been thinking about is Christina and if she's alright, and trying to push through work. Even if there's something paranormal and crazy after me, I've got bills to pay. Having a car to get away won't matter if I don't have the gas.