Saturday, January 2, 2010

How many hours has it been since my last post?
The date on my phone is wrong.. has to be.. it's not 2006.. think that's the date they came pre programmed.
Any way... lost track of time. Large track of time.
Can't find Billy. Said he was going to the bathroom last I checked. Gone.
I'm again posting from my phone..
Somewhere in the woods.
Not the park. Doesn't look like the park.. denser..thicker.. foggier.
Reception is wonky.. camera takes blank pictures..
I don't feel scared, though.
Don't think it's my time.
think he's fucking with me
fucking with my head.
find billy, that's what I have to do.
Have to.


  1. did this happen right after you got back from billy's grandmother's? did you get to look at the disk his sister left? its been a day since yor last post. do you have gps on your phone? let us know when things are better.

  2. Do you know how you got to the woods? Try and get to a road, somewhere with people.