Tuesday, January 5, 2010

'Dad talk'

Just got home after talking to Christina's dad. Recorded everything that was said with my phone's voice-memo option. I did a quick transcription of what was said. Thanks for the idea, Happy.

Me : Sorry to come over so late. Just wanted to explain a few things.
Jack : It's alright. If you know anything about why Christina is doing the things she is, please let me know.

M: That's why I'm here, Mr. Balmont. Earlier in December, her and I started a fan-made film loosely following the Marble Hornets youtube series. If you have a moment, I can show you the series.
J: Just give me a link, I'll look it up when we're done talking.

M: Alright.
M: It's a series about a film student doing a project titled 'Marble Hornets', about a guy coming home after he had been away for a long time, and seeing how everything's changed, reflecting on his own change, ect. Through out the filming, strange things happen, and an entity known as the 'Slender Man' shows up. The director, Alex, starts filming himself even when not producing the video for the project, and catches a lot of strange things. The 'Slender Man' stalks him, some think he has attacked him, a man people refer to as 'Masky' shows up and seems to be working with the Slender Man, all while a man only known by his youtube name 'ToTheArk' posts cryptic videos showing things hidden or originally thought lost during the filming, providing Jay with hints on finding out what's going in.
J: I see. How does this matter?

M: Well, through out the course of the original filming - Jay took over things after Alex went AWOL - Alex is slowly driven insane by his run-ins with the Slender Man, he draws all sorts of things, including paranoid messages, crude drawings of the Slender Man, the 'Opperator symbol', which is a circle with an X through it, and various other things. To keep our fan-film as close to the original, we mimiced this with the drawings and stuff. They're props for the film. We even have a location out in that park by Silver Lake where we've been scouting filming locations. Those gunshots that people heard the other night, that was blanks being fired for part of a scene.
J: I see. So, this is all just for some movie? Where are your tapes?

M: We haven't started actual production yet. We've been asking around on these forums, unFiction they're called, we've been trying to get help from Marble Hornets fans so we can make it where fans will enjoy it and be able to be part of the production. We've JUST started assembling our full cast.
J: So, there's nothing wrong with Christina? This is all just some internet film project for this marble wasps series?

M: Hornets, not wasps. And exactly. If you want, I can go and grab the script. It's at home. It would just take me a few minutes to print out.
J: No no, that's fine. Would ruin the plot for me. I'd like to see it when it's done. But an way, I'll call and see if I can come pick her up tonight. I'm sure she hates me for this. I should have asked her before just having her locked up like some psycho.

M: I'm sure she understands. I told her to keep them in a folder with a clear label showing that they were props. I guess she never got around to it. She'll understand, and she will probably be glad she has such a caring family.
J:I hope so. I'll have her call you when she gets home.

M: Thanks again Mr. Balmont.


The withheld name is the mental-health clinic she was sent to. I don't figure it's important for you all to know.

Hopefully this means she'll be home soon...
And that there won't be any nosy parents slowing things down again.


  1. To answer a question I was emailed - The 'script' I was bluffing with was going to be posts from this very blog, just with name changes.

    Thankfully he bought the story.

  2. wow some parents sending your kid off right off the bat w/o even talking to them first? are they afraind of something themselves?

  3. What im wondering is if they'll let christina out. Or if she'll want to come out. They might have her pumped full of drugs that make her SM-free. Anti-psychotics and solitary room. Not that I think they would do it on the first day, but they might. Or where she's being kept, its making it worse, and she is freaking out while there because her encounters with SM are getting worse.

  4. Unfortunately, the Slender Man has been known to thrive in mental homes. Even drugged, there's no protection.

    It was no problem. Though, if scripts do turn up, feel free to name me 'Hogan'. (I should be shot for being such a comic book geek)

    Still, I'm glad to hear that everything turned out okay.