Sunday, January 3, 2010

So sorry I didn't post. I ended up finally getting decent sleep.
Funny really. A 24 hour Walgreens wasn't where I expected to do so.
I'm friends with the general-manager's daughter. Arranged for billy and I to take turns sleeping in the break room. Said that there was a problem at our house. Played him off as a step-brother.
It's funny how comfortable a hard, molded plastic chair and wobbly card table in a sweltering hot break-room can be when you haven't slept in three days.

Yeah, I may have left that out... Yeah, there's been time lapse moments where I've 'woken up' in places. But, I use that phrase so loosely with this. I haven't voluntarily slept in days until today.
Home just didn't feel safe.

I PROMISE that tomorrow (later today.) you guys will get the contents of the cd.

By the way.. I don't remember posting that last blog entry, but..everything matches up. Odd..


  1. glad you got some decent sleep. hope you're doing ok. any luck w/ the disk? what does billy think "he" took?

  2. Im happy that you slept, though, did something happen? You were going to post today : (