Saturday, January 9, 2010


He's dead.

They are.

Jeff...'Suicide'. hung himself from a tree with his own belt.

Billy... Unknown cause, thought to be anaphylactic shock due to an unknown poison or bite.
Two 'puncture wounds' in the lower back, like he was stabbed with a rather large BBQ fork...

I think I'm next.

I know I promised the contents of the CD, and I know you were waiting... but, we found the password... Yeah.. Found it.

Remember "pw = eyes"? Well, Billy tried it. PW = password. Eyes = the password.

There was a file on it. Unprotected besides that eyes password. Long list.
Things that attract him.
Things that repel him.
A way to 'kill' him.
A way to hide from him.
A way to hide your thoughts from him.
A way to run.
A way to remove the 'curse'...

I can't post it. I won't post it.

The price of the knowledge.. well, it's him.

He comes. Comes to those who know too much. I know too much.

The fog is already rolling in. I hear a child's laughter mixed with a raspy wheezing.

I know he's here.

The ones reading this blog.. I just have some last words for you.

When it's your time, as it will be soon, due to your knowledge, your , when it comes to be your time. Don't run. You can try, but it won't work. Only if you know the way.
It's a paradox, you know. If you know how to hide, he'll know it. You might be able to hide from his sight, but he'll follow you.

Samantha was right.
The only way to escape his hell is to end it before he gets you.

I have a bottle of Percocet, Xanax, Diazepam, a few coumadin to thin my blood, so it's quick.

I plan on taking them all, then ending it. I won't feel a thing.
He won't get me.

He might come.
He might find me.
But I won't be tormented by him any longer.

Take this as my final good bye.

I thank you for all your help.
I thank you all for your time.
I thank you all for providing reason to my rhyme.
I thank you all for listening, thinking, sharing.

When he comes.
Don't run.
Don't hide.
Don't fear.

When he comes...
End it for your self.

When he comes.
Face him and laugh, knowing you'll win.

Don't let him win.

Don't let him.

He's at my window, arms wide open.
They're uncountable.. Branches like a tree. I can see at least ten.. but they branch out.
Hauntingly beautiful.

I feel drawn in, but, the pills are already in me. The knife already in my hand.

I won't let him get me.

I refuse.

I'll resist.

Take my parting words and reflect on them.

It's time.

Good bye.


  1. Why did she kill herself if she knew how to kill him?

  2. Fuck.

    We failed.

    I'm sorry.

  3. I'd hoped that this time...


  4. Good question Tom. What a fucking idiot. Stupidest ending ever if this is the end.

  5. Why doesn't she use that information?

  6. She said it was a way to "'kill' him."

    Probably means it won't be permanent.

  7. When they come for me, I'll be sitting at my desk, with a gun in my hand, wearin' a bullet proof vest singin' "My my my, how the time does fly when you know you're gonna die by the end of the night", I said hey... On an intersting note, the remake of this song was made by Streetlight Manifesto...SM...?