Saturday, January 2, 2010

Was it all a dream?
No. It couldn't be.
He said I was missing, like I said he was.
Both in the woods?

Dad found me in the back yard, face down in the garden. Thought I was dead.
Billy says his mom found him in the hall way, face down. Thought he was drunk or high.

Mom and dad think something's up.
They smile to my face...
but they whisper behind my back...
What do they say?
How much do they know?

He and I are together. Have the cd. Post it some time tonight.

Billy says to say that he's sure 'he' took something when 'he' came... Not sure what though.

Says he saw the arms open. Wide open. Some how he fought off the feeling. The urge to walk in to them.

Jeff tried to kill himself last night. Overdose. Said the 'Spider motherfucker' was the one that killed his dog. Said he saw him again last night. He's in the trauma center near his grandmothers, under psychiatric watch.

I fear I might be next.
I don't know how much I can take.
HE knows how much he can take.. He sees it all.
Knows all.
Samantha was right.
She was so right.
How she stayed so strong for so many years, I'll never know.
I've only had these problems a few months. start of the fall semester maybe... and I'm already losing it.

What now?

We'll give you guys the CD.. It's encrypted.. well.. the file on it is.
Don't want to even look at it.
Dont want to but have to.

It's nothing to him, is it?
Everything to us. Live life minute by minute..
everything goes amiss when we lose time..
he takes time.

i have to go... be back later. Post the contents of the cd later.


  1. Is this the climax of it all?

    Stay strong you two.

  2. I hope you live through this and use it to save others.

  3. there has to be a way to stop him.

  4. I'd like to think so.

    But then, I've never heard of someone surviving an encounter, once he's decided to come for them...

  5. He must have a weakness. Maybe we should review what we've learnt so far - if we can work out how Samantha held him off, maybe we can duplicate it while we look for a more permanent solution?

  6. There is only one thing that is said to defeat him; water. If he attacks you, splash him.

  7. TorlexBlog, that's a falicy.
    Supposedly Slendy is even attracted to water.

  8. if he doesnt like water, why stalk someone at a lake? i think that's the defense against the wicked witch of the west.

  9. Honestly, I dont think water has anything to do with SM. At least from what I've seen. Trees? Definitely related. Water? Not so much.

  10. The so-called 'water' weakness doesn't exist.

    In the Marble Hornets Totheark entries, which our friends have watched, many of his early entries had rain in the background or something. They assumed it was a weakness.

    It's not.