Saturday, January 9, 2010


I posted this same bit over at the uF forums. I figured I'd post it here too.

Sorry for the cop out. There's been a lot of shit going on at home and in real life that has made it where I could no longer run this little story. Due to some things going on, I may not have internet for a while (up to two months.), nor a cellphone. Decided I would end it there with something to wrap it up yet leave questions.

I learned a lot doing this, it was my first jab at chaotic fiction, and I have been thinking about doing another one when I have the time to dedicate to it.

Originally, two friends were supposed to help me film parts with Slendy, there was supposed to be a friend acting as Christina (I'm a guy, wouldn't be able to pull that off.) on the phone with people, ect. But as I began to have less and less time to put in to it, I figured I just needed to bring about a quick ending, and drop a lot of parts.

Now, the reasoning behind the weaknesses, how to kill him, ect :
I wouldn't take all of what Christina has said to be a reality. She knows what she's read. Yeah, Billy's sister thought she had ways to ward off Slendy and stuff, but, as mentioned - he might not be able to see you, but if you know his weakness he'll follow you until he finds a way to get you. Also, Samantha (billy's sister.) was highly disturbed as well. Just because she says something doesn't mean it's true. For all we know, the CD's contents could be pure bullshit.

Any way. I'd like it if I could get some feedback. The key things I would like to know are how were the props(the pages with the drawings and such.), the story it's self (as a whole.), the posting pattern (Too many posts too quickly, or not enough, or a good balance?), character development (did you see the characters be built up, or were they basically the same through out?)

You can either email me at the two emails for the story : ; , or post the stuff here.

And, thanks for keeping up with it, everyone. Again, for a first timer, it was good to see everyone following it. I didn't expect more than three or four to be in to it.



He's dead.

They are.

Jeff...'Suicide'. hung himself from a tree with his own belt.

Billy... Unknown cause, thought to be anaphylactic shock due to an unknown poison or bite.
Two 'puncture wounds' in the lower back, like he was stabbed with a rather large BBQ fork...

I think I'm next.

I know I promised the contents of the CD, and I know you were waiting... but, we found the password... Yeah.. Found it.

Remember "pw = eyes"? Well, Billy tried it. PW = password. Eyes = the password.

There was a file on it. Unprotected besides that eyes password. Long list.
Things that attract him.
Things that repel him.
A way to 'kill' him.
A way to hide from him.
A way to hide your thoughts from him.
A way to run.
A way to remove the 'curse'...

I can't post it. I won't post it.

The price of the knowledge.. well, it's him.

He comes. Comes to those who know too much. I know too much.

The fog is already rolling in. I hear a child's laughter mixed with a raspy wheezing.

I know he's here.

The ones reading this blog.. I just have some last words for you.

When it's your time, as it will be soon, due to your knowledge, your , when it comes to be your time. Don't run. You can try, but it won't work. Only if you know the way.
It's a paradox, you know. If you know how to hide, he'll know it. You might be able to hide from his sight, but he'll follow you.

Samantha was right.
The only way to escape his hell is to end it before he gets you.

I have a bottle of Percocet, Xanax, Diazepam, a few coumadin to thin my blood, so it's quick.

I plan on taking them all, then ending it. I won't feel a thing.
He won't get me.

He might come.
He might find me.
But I won't be tormented by him any longer.

Take this as my final good bye.

I thank you for all your help.
I thank you all for your time.
I thank you all for providing reason to my rhyme.
I thank you all for listening, thinking, sharing.

When he comes.
Don't run.
Don't hide.
Don't fear.

When he comes...
End it for your self.

When he comes.
Face him and laugh, knowing you'll win.

Don't let him win.

Don't let him.

He's at my window, arms wide open.
They're uncountable.. Branches like a tree. I can see at least ten.. but they branch out.
Hauntingly beautiful.

I feel drawn in, but, the pills are already in me. The knife already in my hand.

I won't let him get me.

I refuse.

I'll resist.

Take my parting words and reflect on them.

It's time.

Good bye.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Homecoming of sorts.

All I can say is Thank God.
I did not feel safe in there at all.

I'm back. Back home.

Happy, remind me to buy you a beer or something. Your idea saved my butt.

Expect posting to go back to regular tomorrow.

Basically, I was kept in a room like a hospital room, and had drug tests done, various physical exams for marks (self inflicted or otherwise.), had mental evaluations done at random times around the clock.. Do not want to go back. Guy in the room next to me had full out night-terrors that kept me awake most of the night.. Could swear I saw 'him' at least once.

Do. Not. Want. To. Go. Back. EVER!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

'Dad talk'

Just got home after talking to Christina's dad. Recorded everything that was said with my phone's voice-memo option. I did a quick transcription of what was said. Thanks for the idea, Happy.

Me : Sorry to come over so late. Just wanted to explain a few things.
Jack : It's alright. If you know anything about why Christina is doing the things she is, please let me know.

M: That's why I'm here, Mr. Balmont. Earlier in December, her and I started a fan-made film loosely following the Marble Hornets youtube series. If you have a moment, I can show you the series.
J: Just give me a link, I'll look it up when we're done talking.

M: Alright.
M: It's a series about a film student doing a project titled 'Marble Hornets', about a guy coming home after he had been away for a long time, and seeing how everything's changed, reflecting on his own change, ect. Through out the filming, strange things happen, and an entity known as the 'Slender Man' shows up. The director, Alex, starts filming himself even when not producing the video for the project, and catches a lot of strange things. The 'Slender Man' stalks him, some think he has attacked him, a man people refer to as 'Masky' shows up and seems to be working with the Slender Man, all while a man only known by his youtube name 'ToTheArk' posts cryptic videos showing things hidden or originally thought lost during the filming, providing Jay with hints on finding out what's going in.
J: I see. How does this matter?

M: Well, through out the course of the original filming - Jay took over things after Alex went AWOL - Alex is slowly driven insane by his run-ins with the Slender Man, he draws all sorts of things, including paranoid messages, crude drawings of the Slender Man, the 'Opperator symbol', which is a circle with an X through it, and various other things. To keep our fan-film as close to the original, we mimiced this with the drawings and stuff. They're props for the film. We even have a location out in that park by Silver Lake where we've been scouting filming locations. Those gunshots that people heard the other night, that was blanks being fired for part of a scene.
J: I see. So, this is all just for some movie? Where are your tapes?

M: We haven't started actual production yet. We've been asking around on these forums, unFiction they're called, we've been trying to get help from Marble Hornets fans so we can make it where fans will enjoy it and be able to be part of the production. We've JUST started assembling our full cast.
J: So, there's nothing wrong with Christina? This is all just some internet film project for this marble wasps series?

M: Hornets, not wasps. And exactly. If you want, I can go and grab the script. It's at home. It would just take me a few minutes to print out.
J: No no, that's fine. Would ruin the plot for me. I'd like to see it when it's done. But an way, I'll call and see if I can come pick her up tonight. I'm sure she hates me for this. I should have asked her before just having her locked up like some psycho.

M: I'm sure she understands. I told her to keep them in a folder with a clear label showing that they were props. I guess she never got around to it. She'll understand, and she will probably be glad she has such a caring family.
J:I hope so. I'll have her call you when she gets home.

M: Thanks again Mr. Balmont.


The withheld name is the mental-health clinic she was sent to. I don't figure it's important for you all to know.

Hopefully this means she'll be home soon...
And that there won't be any nosy parents slowing things down again.

Well fuck...

Sorry for not posting the contents of the CD, and for being AWOL the past few days.

Here's something I don't know if I should share or not...

Sunday night, Christina's father went in to her room, looking for that old phone of hers so he could send it back to Sprint. They have some buy-back plan to credit your account for a specific tradein value on your old phones. He looked in her dresser, which is where she was keeping Samantha's...'art'. The letter to me was not included in there.. he figured SHE was the one who drew them.. Called Joe (who is the one who filled me in about this.) because he's an ex cop and knows the system.. to get her Baker Acted.

In Florida, the Baker Act is basically a mental health bill that allows one to call in for someone to be detained for mental observation if they're a threat to them self or others.

Right now, Christina is in a mental health facility over in Hollywood. Normally a 'Baker Act' visit lasts for three days, but...the catch is - they can keep you detained if you don't seem 'right'...

Just hope Christina is able to keep these things about the Slender Man to her self for a bit and not get held longer than the initial three days.

The CD is at her house. She had brought it home with her to upload when we finally left the Walgreens.. I talked to her dad on the phone earlier, said I left some stuff over there that I need for tomorrow at work. He said that I can come pick them up. I assume the CD is in her computer... shouldn't be too hard to find.

Any way.. I'm on break right now.. posting from my phone at work. Hopefully we'll figure something out. Hopefully Christina will be released soon.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

So sorry I didn't post. I ended up finally getting decent sleep.
Funny really. A 24 hour Walgreens wasn't where I expected to do so.
I'm friends with the general-manager's daughter. Arranged for billy and I to take turns sleeping in the break room. Said that there was a problem at our house. Played him off as a step-brother.
It's funny how comfortable a hard, molded plastic chair and wobbly card table in a sweltering hot break-room can be when you haven't slept in three days.

Yeah, I may have left that out... Yeah, there's been time lapse moments where I've 'woken up' in places. But, I use that phrase so loosely with this. I haven't voluntarily slept in days until today.
Home just didn't feel safe.

I PROMISE that tomorrow (later today.) you guys will get the contents of the cd.

By the way.. I don't remember posting that last blog entry, but..everything matches up. Odd..

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Was it all a dream?
No. It couldn't be.
He said I was missing, like I said he was.
Both in the woods?

Dad found me in the back yard, face down in the garden. Thought I was dead.
Billy says his mom found him in the hall way, face down. Thought he was drunk or high.

Mom and dad think something's up.
They smile to my face...
but they whisper behind my back...
What do they say?
How much do they know?

He and I are together. Have the cd. Post it some time tonight.

Billy says to say that he's sure 'he' took something when 'he' came... Not sure what though.

Says he saw the arms open. Wide open. Some how he fought off the feeling. The urge to walk in to them.

Jeff tried to kill himself last night. Overdose. Said the 'Spider motherfucker' was the one that killed his dog. Said he saw him again last night. He's in the trauma center near his grandmothers, under psychiatric watch.

I fear I might be next.
I don't know how much I can take.
HE knows how much he can take.. He sees it all.
Knows all.
Samantha was right.
She was so right.
How she stayed so strong for so many years, I'll never know.
I've only had these problems a few months. start of the fall semester maybe... and I'm already losing it.

What now?

We'll give you guys the CD.. It's encrypted.. well.. the file on it is.
Don't want to even look at it.
Dont want to but have to.

It's nothing to him, is it?
Everything to us. Live life minute by minute..
everything goes amiss when we lose time..
he takes time.

i have to go... be back later. Post the contents of the cd later.